Music Videos, Film Scoring, Soundtracks, Radio Ads

Music Videos, Film Scoring, Music Soundtracks and Radio Ads

Montana Music Videos - Why not go the whole nine yards and take home a music video??  After we are finished recording in the music studio, we can produce your music video too!!

If you check out the "A Fortunate Man" video (below) you'll get an idea of the kind of down-to-earth music video production you can have here in Montana, plus you'll get a feel for the warm and special vibe here at Halfabubbleoff Music Studio / Rockin' Horse Ranch and the surrounding mountains, trees, pastures, horses and wildlife. This music video was filmed at the end of May 2010 (just before the green of spring had arrived in Montana) and it features friends and neighbors (non-professionals) playing the parts of Jim Pearson and his family when he was a kid...The end shots are of Jim, his wife Donna, and their son Dean. The music video was directed and filmed by Jim Pearson's good friend, Joe Caneen here at Rockin' Horse Ranch and around the town of Darby Montana.

Several of the films scores, soundtracks and music videos that Jim Pearson helped produce during the six years that he spent in the LA area were directed by Joe Caneen.  Joe recently found Jim on the internet (Facebook)---Joe happened to be taking a break from the big city thing and ended up driving through Montana; he was so impressed with the Montana mountains, abundant wildlife and landscape that he decided to relocate here. It turns out that Joe Caneen was living only 40 miles east of Missoula, Montana which is about an 1-1/2 hours from our place in Darby!  Joe is currently working on a long-term project in England, however, is available to fly back to Montana for our music video projects with advanced notice.

The diversity of natural beauty that is the Bitterroot Valley of Montana is what Joe Caneen wants to incorporate into his music video productions. So we now have a film producer / film director with over 30 years experience available to us to produce beautiful Montana music videos.

We hope you take the time to watch the "A Fortunate Man" and "Dead Trees Standing" music videos featured below (and on YouTube) as an example of our music video production work. The "Dead Trees Standing" music video was produced by Joe and I to enhance a song I wrote for a local Montana company called "Montana Timber Products" who wanted the music video as a promotional tool on their website.  Joe Caneen and I also produced a documentary video for R&R Conner Aviation (a local business in Darby Montana) called "Logging in the 21st Century" (Joe directed it and I did the film scoring); you can find the video in four parts on YouTube.

A music video can indeed be a very useful promotional tool that can be used to display the talents of a singer / songwriter and create interest and/or forward an important message.  So having a music video produced with some breathtaking Montana scenery is another option for what songwriters can do with the time they will have on their hands while Jim is busy arranging and putting all the performance parts into the music mix.

YouTube awaits your music video!  We hope you come to Montana and get that smoking CD you want!  If you do, you will have an awesome time recording your songs, combined with an amazing vacation in the Big Sky of Montana (riding horses, ATVs, fishing in the Bitterroot River, skiing, snow boarding, hunting, hiking, site seeing, boating, rafting), and you can also do a music video while you're at it!  When you get back home, how different do you think life will be for you?

Radio Ads

Jim can help with the creative process for your radio ads, including scripting when needed, voice overs (VO's) and custom music designed to fit your radio ad and capture the attention of your audience.