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The Halfabubbleoff Music Studio / Recording Studio- Where Your Songs Come Alive

To begin with, please bear in mind that Jim Pearson is not only a music producer, but he also plays all of the instrumental parts and arranges your songs to suit the songwriter's vision...The songwriter does not have to be a proficient keyboardist or guitarist...you only need to bring your songs and any creative ideas you might have and Jim will handle the rest.

Jim is a music producer who works well with songwriters who want the most out of the music arrangements and won't settle for a CD void of the available colors and shades that can make a song sound great.  The music studio has a relaxing atmosphere that promotes the "one on one" music recording studio approach.  Jim has also learned a thing or two in his lifetime with respect to effectively and productively interacting with a multitude of personalites and keeping the music studio energy positive, creative and forward moving.  Here's one experience that comes to mind that helped shape Jim's approach:  Jim learned alot of things the first time he ever recorded in a music studio environment---the band and the music producer were in a converted barn out in the country and despite the large space, their drummer got weird. His vibe got all of the band members on edge, tempers were mounting, and they came close to coming unglued.  Their music producer saw where things were headed and quickly took them all outside. He started walking down this long country road (no traffic and few homes) as he continued to talk.  The music producer kept on talking peacefully (about what, Jim can't remember) and the band followed him.  Finally, after they were about a quarter mile away from the recording studio the drummer asked the music producer why we they walking so far away from the music studio, and the music producer gently asked, "Do you think you should be near that music studio right now?"  The drummer did not answer with more than a shrug so they kept on walking.  Eventually, they came back to the music studio and remained outside where they had some pizza and talked. Everyone chilled, they went back into the music studio and the band came alive - we rocked!  It is all too easy to underestimate how important it can be to be comfortable in the music studio.  Jim Pearson was fortunate to see how easily it can be handled.

The Halfabubbleoff music studio features a new (purchased in December 2009) state of the art IMac computer with all the bells and whistles. We switched over from Pro Tools to Logic Pro a year or so ago and love the program as well as the sound library.  We also have many other state-of-the-art sound libraries, including several from the East West Composers' series (love it!), White Grand, etc.  The Apogee Ensemble Pre-amp works perfectly with the Mac and the JBL 2 way bi-amp monitors are great music studio speakers.  We use a PRS Hollowbody II (with the Piezo upgrade), two Strats (a Tom Anderson Custom for rock and a John Mayer Signature Fender for blues) , two Taylor 514 C.E. Acoustic Guitars, a Martin acoustic, a 12 string vintage (1977) Takemine acoustic, a 5 string fretless Conklin Bass that rounds out the bottom very nicely, and a top of the line Fender electric guitar amp.  We have 3 Yamaha Motif keyboards (8, XS7 and a smaller Yamaha for easy portability); Jim also loves the internal sounds libraries in those things!  The recording booth features two great vocal microphones (an MXL 4000 and an Audio Technica a.t.4040) as well as several other mics (including MXL 603s) that are better suited for recording guitars and other musical instruments.  In addition, we recently acquired the Antares Auto Tune 7 and Harmony programs for vocalists that request effects on their vocal tracks.

The main house (which is separate from the 1,000 sq.ft. guest home but is attached to the 720 sqf.ft guest home) where the music studio is located has plenty of space (a total of 7,000 sq.ft.) where we can take our breaks and relax, eat, drink, and discuss the music while we tap into that creative spirit.  From top to bottom, inside and out, our home is predisposed to "good times" (we also have several decks with amazing views surrounding our home, covered and uncovered).  Simply gazing out at the forest, horses and wildlife that commonly visits our property is incredibly healing and inspiring for the spirit.