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The Music Production, Arrangement, Music Recording and Mixing Process

As a Music Producer, Jim Pearson approaches music production here at Halfabubbleoff Music Studio in a relaxed and calm fashion.  It is important for an Artist to get oriented and comfortable with a new music producer and in a new music studio environment.  When you are comfortable at Rockin' Horse Ranch as well as in the music studio, we can get to work on recording. The process of music production includes music arrangement, composition and music mixing; Jim plays, records, and mixes all of the parts that make up the music arrangement,.  Generally the music production process goes along these lines:

Preconception of the Music Arrangement

The first step in music production is preconceiving the music arrangement. You will sing the tune for Jim amd then discuss the various options with the music arrangement.  What direction to take with the music arrangement can often be made more clear by listening to hit songs with music arrangements that you feel fit the style you want for your song.  Recognizing what elements should be incorporated into your music arrangement can be simplified by following this type of music production approach.  After listening to your vocal of the song (with or without you playing your own accompaniment) and samples of similar music arrangement you are trying to achieve, Jim will duplicate what you imagine for your music arrangement on the keyboard or guitar prior to beginng the music recording process.

Lyrics and the Structure of the Music Arrangement

We need to ensure that the lyrics flow and work well within the structure of the music arrangement.  If there is any question on the music arrangement we can record a scratch track and listen back so you get an objective point of view.  But music studio time can be waisted if you go before you know, so we make sure there is nothing in the music arrangment we are not happy with prior to recording any final tracks.

Initial Music Recording

If you play an instrument yourself, we can record your own basic guitar or keyboard track and your scratch vocal track. Or, Jim can play the keys or guitars if you are less than sure about your chops.  Sometimes the intial recording of the scratch vocal track turns out to be the "keeper," but there is no pressure to get the vocal recording 100% perfect at this point in the music production cycle.  With these two tracks recorded, Jim can get to work on producing all the other parts that you agree should be added to the music arrangement.  Jim will record these instruments while you enjoy the Bitterroot mountains, or you can hang out and give Jim the thumbs up (or down) and participate in shaping your music arrangement.  When we have the music arrangement we need on tape, we can then record your final tracks in the recording studio with ease.

Final Music Recording

At this point, we can now ensure that your lead vocal track, harmonizing vocals, and any other music arrangement parts that you want are recorded. We have the option of adding more music arrangement parts if we choose to at this point.

Music Mixing

While Jim is working on the music mixing, you can enjoy all that the Bitterroot Valley has to offer (click on "Montana Recreation") or you can hang out with Jim as much as you like while he does the music mixing.  He can show you how music mixing is done (Jim prefers having your artistic input throughout the music mixing process).  The music mixing is usually a short process because the music arrangement parts have been added in such a way as to be nearly "mixed" already. Jim will put the music mix on a CD so you can both listen to it in several different environments (on different sound systems, including a basic laptop computer with crappy speakers) to ensure that the music mix translates well (outside the more awesome music studio environment).  Jim will make adjustments and repeat the process until the music mixing is near master-quality.