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HalfABubbleOff Music Studio - The Ultimate Singer / Songwriter's Music Production / Music Recording Vacation Getaway at Rockin' Horse Ranch, Darby Montana

A basic music studio / recording studio can offer up only just that: a music recording.

Most singer / songwriters need more than just a music engineer who simply records and mixes their vocals and guitar/keyboard accompaniment in a music studio...Halfabubbleoff Music Studio specializes in helping songwriters that need a full-service music producer that includes the music arranging, the performance (including guitars, bass, keyboard, drums and orchestral) and recording of the parts that songwriters usually want in their music arrangement.

Jim Pearson, music producer and owner of Halfabubbleoff Music Studio, has been in the music industry for 44 years and has had several years of high level composing and arranging experience while working alongside some of most acclaimed and award winning geniuses in the music production industry...And Jim not only delivers to songwriters a high quality, creative music production but he also does it quickly and within a reasonable budget; the big overhead/big city music studios and music producers can't even come close to touching the affordability of Halfabubbleoff Music Studio. Heck, doesn't it make sense for a songwriter to spend the savings on getting more songs produced?

Jim Pearson is not only a music producer, but also a prolific, multi-genre songwriter and World-Class guitarist who can help songwriters with their music arrangement, composition, melody, song structure, songwriting and mixing as well as provide any other instruments desired in the music arrangement to achieve a full body of sound.

Jim is not just an experienced music producer; he also has the rare knack for really connecting with people and intuitively understanding what the songwriter wants to convey in their music and then translating that into the music arrangement with the variety of instrumentation songwriters need to make each song unique and have the impact envisioned.  The songwriter needs only to concentrate on his/her singing and lyrics. 


Finding the right balance - A peaceful songwriting retreat and complete music production while you vacation in Darby Montana - The beautiful area known as the "banana belt" / The Bitterroot Valley

Halfabubbleoff Music Studio is not only a full service music studio, but we also offer a private songwriter's retreat in a separate guest home on the Rockin' Horse Ranch property where the songwriter can vacation alone or bring their family or friends

We help songwriters with everything they need to produce their songs, combined with an awesome environment that invokes an ongoing flow of songwriting and music production creativity.

The balance between work and play is important and different for any singer / songwriter.  Finding that perfect balance can do more than put a smile on a songwriter's face.  It can inspire new ideas and unleash what has been hidden or suppressed by everyday life responsibilities and environmental clutter.  At Halfabubbleoff Music Studio, songwriters can now get their music produced and recorded while they have the time of their lives...the ultimate songwriting and music recording vacation combination!  A bit more fun then the music studios Jim has worked in...

Jim found inspiration for his own songwriting here in Montana; he has been there, done it, and he doesn't dig the big city music studio scene, concrete and traffic. So, now Jim has an amazing 8,000 sq.ft. home (including two separate guest homes) on a 20 acre ranch in Darby Montana that butts up to gorgeous National Forest Service Land and the Bitterroot mountains. Mother Nature has surrounded Halfabubbleoff Music Studio with an atmosphere where songwriters can fine-tune their songs and get them completely produced and recorded...literally, in a down-to-earth music studio / recording studio where the songwriters' lyrics come alive in an awesome music recording and music arrangement.

Songwriters can come to Darby Montana where they can work on their songwriting and vocal recording while they vacation and enjoy the mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife, as well as take advantage of a music studio environment that is much more likely to invoke songwriting and singing creativity than the typical big city music studio scene---Jim Pearson helps songwriters make the music production happen in a music studio that is located in THE BEST mountain vacation destination in the US AND at a budget songwriters can't resist.

Your songwriting inspiration awaits you here at the Rockin' Horse Ranch music studio!  Songwriters that come to Halfabubbleoff Music Studio leave us with a relaxed spirit, awesome vacation memory, a great recording studio experience and professional music studio results.

Affordable music production rates and money-saving turn-time combined with an economically irresistable vacation in Darby Montana

What is the budget and stress factor for a songwriter to get over to LA or Nashville, book a great music studio, hire a music producer, music arranger and all those session players required for a full-bodied music arrangement?  How is a songwriter going to get a music producer and all the rest of the bells and whistles at an affordable rate, let alone in a stress free, relaxing and awesome music studio environment where your project can actually come together the way you want and without the typical music production cost factor bumming you out?  Jim Pearson founded Halfabubbleoff Music Studio because he understands that it's difficult for most singer / songwriters to function in a music studio situtation where every moment that passes by goes ChaChingChaChing and pulls the focus away from...CREATING A GREAT MUSIC PRODUCTION! 

Halfabubbleoff Music Studio has the solution to the budget woes of most songwriters:  Get help from Jim Pearson, a multi-instrument musician / music producer who does ALL of the music arranging, composing, music recording and near-master mixing and lives in the most awesome place they will ever visit...Darby, Montana.

Jim wants to acknowledge here that he doesn't have a multi-million dollar music studio. He's worked in those music studios, but the investment made by those music studios requires that they pass on huge fees to the artists who come there.  Our niche is the indie singer / songwriter who can't afford the $2-10 GRAND A DAY price tag!  Again, Jim has been there, experienced that!

Halfabubbleoff Music Studio offers a ridiculously affordable complete music production service, vacation destination, recording studio and a few things more.  You SAVE LOADS OF MONEY because Jim Pearson plays all of those instrumental parts in the music arrangement (that songwriters simply can't or don't want to play) that would require hiring several studio musicans and normally cost hundreds of dollars per hour. Music production and recording can be started and completed in the music studio in just hours rather than days in many cases, depending upon the complexity of the music arrangment the songwriter is seeking.  See our "rates" link to view our music studio/daily guest home rates and vacation package discount.  Together, Jim and the songwriter works out what is needed in the music arrangement song by song, and Jim makes the music production happen the way the songwriter wants without the added complication of dealing with several different artistic personalities and time lost in coordination efforts.

Songwriters who come to Halfabubbleoff Music Studio go home after an awesome Montana vacation memory with either some money left in their pocket or more songs than they could have otherwise afforded to have produced, a kick butt CD and perhaps even a music video filmed in Montana that will impress all and change...everything.

Even if you are a songwriter that can afford the big city/big music studio thing, why not escape the clutter anyway and travel to Darby Montana for a songwriting and/or music production vacation and have an awesome experience in a relaxing music studio environment that will invoke your creative spirit and awaken your songwriting muse!  Halfabubbleoff Music Studio offers songwriters the unique option of combining an amazing mountain vacation experience in our private detached, rustic guest home while we work on the music production / music recording in the music studio.

Or, if you can't find the time to travel to our music studio in Darby Montana but still want to take advantage of Halfabubbleoff Music Studio's production affordability factor, we can always do an on-line music production collaboration without you ever having to step foot in the music studio!